torsdag 12 februari 2009

P Diddy... Duddy.. Daddy.... Doddo... whatever

I'm watching the NAACP Awards, eating carrots and studying. Exciting, huh? Beyoncé performed her new song "Halo"... I'm not completely convinced yet when it comes to that song. I think she's making it too complicated with all the high notes. It sort of takes away the simplicity and message of the lyrics. Anyway, Sean Combs (the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy) got an award and I was surprised by how humbled and truly shocked he was.... I thought he had won it all already? Could be good acting, but that's the thing, I really don't think it was... Go DIDDY!

Seal is on stage now. He can SING! I wish he wouldn't have borrowed Heidi Klums nail polish though! Nail polish or not, Seal and Heidi prove what I already knew; black and white together make some REALLY cute kids ;)

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Anonym sa...

Dagens sanning! Skönt att ha en som tänker som jag i denna debatt om svart/vitt. NU är jag lite nyfiken. Vad är DIN åsikt i mitt senaste inlägg?