måndag 9 februari 2009

Chris Brown - that's a big no no!

What really happened? His clean cut image doesn't really fit that of someone who beats up his girlfriend? Maybe the fame got the best of him? Or is he genuinely a violent idiot? I guess we'll see in the coming days where Mr. Brown will end up, but hearing that Rihanna is working with the LAPD to build up a case against her (former) boyfriend, he is most likely ending up behind bars. So much for "forever"..... (no pun intended)

Their young age makes it even more sad. Chris Brown, 19. Rihanna, 20.

Now, on to beauty tips!
I don't really care about hair products.... hell, I've been using Fructis for 6-7 months so that should tell you how little I care about my hair. But. When something comes along that's easy to use and really makes a difference, even I had to pick it up! Ladies, I give you...... Biosilk Silk Therapy!

Use it on towel dry hair, every day or how ever often works for you. Take a small drop in your hand, rub hands together and work through hair evenly. Be careful so you don't take too much, because this really works with only a small amount. Hair will NOT get greasy and in DAYS it gets really soft. This sounds so girly, and thus NOT very me, but this is really some CRAZY SHIT :):):) It WORKS!!!
Unfortunately for you Swedish people, this is expensive! But it's worth it.
And for all of you in the US, congratulations, it's 30 bucks and lasts for a looooong time!!

I can't wait for you to come home so we can go to the channel ;)

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