lördag 20 september 2008

A big reason for update :)

I know I know... I REALLY suck at this blog thing. (I'm sorry Anna, I understand you are left with absolutely NOTHING to do at work when I'm not updating my extremely entertaining blog) ;)

Things are the same here in my beautiful Cali and I miss my Marcus every day.
My dad is visiting in about a month so that'll be fun!

I went to a concert three days ago. And not just any concert. No no. We're talking Jackson family here people. We're talking "Rhythm Nation", "Control", "Again" and "That's the Way Love Goes". We're talking JANET JACKSON!

Did she rock the Staples Center? OH YES! Was I in a state of complete smiles and excitement? OH YES. Janet Jacksons concert once again reminded me that it was better back in the day. Most of the songs she performed were from the 80's and 90's and people STILL love them. Young or old, the Staples Center audience were all standing up, dancing like C R A Z Y. I thought people were wild at the Justin Timberlake concert, but I'd seen nothing yet. Janet got the Staples Center crowd to stand up and shake their booty from the moment she took the stage until she waived goodbye. And believe me, people do go nuts. Going to a concert of this kind in the US, is a very "un-Swedish" experience, and Katerina and I LOVE IT!
It's once again proven. The Jacksons do it better than anyone else.
(listen to the way people sing along. This went on from beginning to end. LOVE IT!)

"Passion" is my new motivation word.