onsdag 7 januari 2009

My New Years Resolution

I've never cared much about new years resolutions, but I think I need to make one this year in order to stop the vicious cycle I'm trapped in. I suppose that resolutions are meant to be kept secret, so lets just say mine has to do with stress and worrying. Excessive worrying to be exact. No more of that especially when the issue at hand isn't even a serious one. Frida, shape up!

A good place to start is realizing that my I-20 will arrive in time so that I'll be let into the US on Friday next week. What are the chances of mail disappearing? It's not like we're living in a time when "putting something in the mail" means a knight has to get up on a horse and deliver the letter personally to me months later after fighting hungry beasts and strong armies with a sword, making his way over on his four legged friend. No my friend, it should be a lot easier. To be exact, it should take 7-8 days. Then W H Y am I on day 11... almost 12?
Probably a minor delay in the post office. Nothing to worry about. (That was the new Frida speaking)

Don't worry. Be happy!

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Josefin sa...

Får man kommentera på svenska? ;)

Jag hejar på dig och ditt nyårslöfte, YES - YOU CAN! Det vet jag.