torsdag 15 januari 2009

Goodbye Sweden!

Tomorrow I leave Sweden and start a new semester at CSU Northridge. I miss California and I look forward to coming back home. That's what it feels like... going home.
I said goodbye to Vincent, Christopher and Jonathan today. It gets harder each time. I wish I could take them with me and see them grow taller and hug them everyday. I miss seeing them growing up. They are three beautiful boys, and I am so sad sometimes that I live far away from them.... I will miss you sooo much. Hopefully as they grow older it'll be cool to have an aunt living in the US :) You can come over and visit as often as you like and have the time of your life. I'll be your cool aunt and nothing you do will be known to your parents ;)

I feel the same way as I did the last time I was in Sweden.... I think the Swedish people are way too shallow and reserved. Relax! It wont kill you to say hi to the person next to you, and people usually do not bite if you sit down next to them on the train or the bus. And one more thing, eye contact is not dangerous. I swear. It's ok..... dont you worry about it. Try to say something encouraging and nice to a stranger, the good karma will come back to you and your words will light up the other persons day.
The alcohol consumption in this country should be cut in half. But then again, without the alcohol no one would have the courage to have fun or fire off a smile in another persons direction. Sad. Once again, relax!

Sweden is beautiful. When the snow falls it's sooo cozy!! It's clean and beautiful and fresh! But the ONE thing I love most about this country is my family. I really see NO other really important reason to be here. I never miss Sweden, what I miss is my family. And I miss the Flinks :)
The country where I want to be is the United States of America :) That's where I feel "at home". I really do love it. I don't know how it happened, but I think I was destined to end up there. I remember my sister once said "she was born with American blood running through her veins". I dont think there is a better way to put it. I just wish I could bring my three little boys with me to the big country in the west...

So, this was it for this time! Now I'm going home. In a few months Marcus will be back. It'll be amazing.

Hej då Sverige!
Hello there USA!

2 kommentarer:

Chris sa...

American woman!

Hoppas resan över pölen gick bra!

Hörs snart, tänk på mig när du ser nåt snyggt på två ben.


Anonym sa...

And u miss me and our pakt, inte glömma!