fredag 23 januari 2009


Oh my God I cannot believe what just happened. I felt a small small small earthquake a few months back but DAMN this one was BIG!!! It lasted for a few seconds, but it was VERY surreal and extremely scary. I just realized that if mother Earth wants to get rid of us now, she could.
I still dont understand that the ground that EVERYTHING is built on and we all take for granted just shook beneath me.
Go to this link, you'll see that the center of the earthquake was Marina Del Rey. Magnitude 3.4..... this is crazy.

Earthquake Map

I REALLY hope I dont have to experience this ever again.
Most likely I will though. I moved to California!
It doesnt make me feel better to read an article in the LA Times that explains that "a massive quake is overdue in California". Shit.

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