onsdag 1 oktober 2008


Today is October 1st and we had 36 degrees Celsius outside. My math professor had to let us out of class early because it was too hot in the room. As I was walking home from Starbucks after our Speech 6 group meeting tonight, I wanted it to be a loooong way home so I could take it all in. Everything here is so beautiful, sometimes I tend to forget, as it is my "everyday" now.

In seven months, when Marcus comes home, things will be perfect. The channel is waiting for us! One patio chair, stars, boats and us. I promise I wont spill any more drinks on you :)

Katerina and I finally got our huge wall decorated. Pretty damn proud, if I can say it myself. Thanks mom, IKEA rocks!

Our beds are not made in this picture, which they usually are. Promise. Sort of :)

It's bedtime. I'm going to stay up for a while longer though, in hopes that GP will go online. I need to know if you lost those 5 lbs or not!!! ;)

Vincent, Jonathan and Christopher, I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be far away but I think about you everyday! I love you!

Mina snyggingar!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Lägg av!!! Det var ju en bild på halva Backstreet boys, är dom så satans stora nu?! Jag är chockad. / Lindgren

Anonym sa...

åhh va fin väggen blev! supernice ju!
jag ska också dekorera min vägg - med två rosa ramar med svartvita USA kort. =)

Önskar jag var hos er i värmen!