torsdag 30 oktober 2008

So cloooose!

Nothing inspires the way music does.
No music has ever and will ever inspire me the way Michael Jacksons music does. There is no need to explain the degree of importance here, if you know me, you know what I'm talking about. This man is a LEGEND. I saw him live in concert August 16th 1997. I have since never even thought about the possibility of seeing him perform live again..... and certainly not see the man off stage, in person. It just seemed like scandals, age and a less public image over the past ten years made a comeback on stage less possible.
Anyway, I moved to the states and little did I know that Michael Jackson would be walking the streets this week shopping like any other normal person. So, when Gino got a call from his sister two days ago I couldn't believe what she said. She was on Rodeo Drive with Katerina and her friends and guess who they're looking at. Michael Jackson. Can someone PLEASE explain what the hell I was doing at home? We all ran to the car, but didnt make it in to Beverly Hills in time. Come on destiny, work with me!!

Rumors are flying around. It seems like the Jackson 5 might be doing a tour together in 2009 and GUESS if I will go to multiple concert dates! Oh yes, you better believe it!!!! Hopefully, I'll get to see him perform live again, now I'm just waiting for a credible source to confirm. That would be SO AWESOME!!!
Keep your fingers crossed!

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