torsdag 19 februari 2009

Like being at the Neverland Ranch

Michael Jacksons music has been a big big big influence in my life. I'll never grow out of my obsession with his music. No matter how strange he might be, he has redefined and shaped the music industry. His music has shaped me and to be honest put me on the path that eventually led me to where I am right now; in California pursuing an education that will eventually land me in the music industry. Music is so powerful. It has everything and can accomplish anything. Michael Jackson delivers and interprets music better than anyone else I've ever come across. To me, anyway.
This live performance gives me goose bumps and gives me boosts of energy that are so strong. I don't know what it is it's just... really f***ing cool.

So, what I'm trying to get to is that today I found out that Michael Jackson is putting up most of his belongings from the Neverland Ranch for auction in April. There is an exhibition the days prior to the auction and GUESS who will be there? :) Frida! Moi! Jag! Me! The ultimate thing would be to buy some memorabilia and bring home. We'll see what the prices are. I know I'm crazy.. we'll see what happens :)
"Keep the Faith"

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Anonym sa...

Underkläder, det kommer du lämna feta bud på, jag känner det :P