lördag 11 oktober 2008


Halloween is just around the corner. I don't care that much about it now, but you better believe I will have a lot of fun when I have kids :)

How cute isn't this little fella?
Why the terrified look? Don't you like your skunk-outfit?
ADORABLE! Monkey see, Monkey do!
It can't get more Halloween that this :)
This will make your car smell like a baby :)
I have a strong feeling this would be Marcus favorite pick. Wrong colors though. We can make it yellow/red! No prob! ;)
This, my friends, is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Without a doubt, my favorite! HOT DOG-BABY!

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Anonym sa...

Vilka små grisar! :)
Korv medbröd-kostymen finns för hundar med (bra för oss som inte planerar att ploppa på ett tag! hehe, Frida din fuling!) Weiner-dogkostym!